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A second opinion is to review your illness and all treatment options and make decisions. Decisions could be the same as what you have already made, or they may be different. It is not to contradict the earlier treatment or decision. A second opinion is to review the illness and treatment in more detail and educate you in this respect so it is easier for you to reinforce the earlier decision or make different decisions. This is not to contract earlier physician or treatment. This is to make you more comfortable and knowledgeable to handle the illness. Usually, people with complex illnesses or treatments fail to seek second opinions. Another segment would be patient debating between medical and surgical treatment options. To get a second opinion, call Click2MD in Williamsville, New York, today or book an appointment online.

Second Opinions Q & A

What is a second opinion?

After you’ve visited a doctor, you might have many questions as you mentally process the information. You may want the opinion of another specialist or doctor to help you make the right choices for your healthcare.

This is called a second opinion. After visiting one doctor, when you visit another doctor for the same health problems, you’re seeking a second opinion.

Second opinions are often an important part of your healthcare and aren’t just reserved for more serious health conditions like cancer.Even if both medical opinions are similar or the same, the process can still give you significant reassurance, confidence, and peace of mind that you’re on the right path with your health.

Why would I consider a second opinion?

Many people seek medical second opinions to learn more about an illness, treatment option, or prognosis.

A second opinion can also be particularly helpful when:

  • You’re deciding about a risky or costly test or treatment, like a surgery
  • You’re unclear how well a test or treatment might work
  • You’d like more information about your options
  • You’re unsure about how to get a diagnosis
  • You have several medical problems
  • You’re not responding to a particular treatment as expected
  • You’ve lost confidence in your current health care provider

It’s common to feel confused when you’re facing a new medical diagnosis, especially when you need to choose from several different treatment options.

Making decisions about what’s best for your health can be overwhelming, but Click2MD physicians offer second opinions to help ease your mind and help your decision-making process.

What are the benefits of getting a second opinion?

Getting a second opinion can offer many benefits, such as:

  • Becoming a more educated patient and consumer
  • Confirming that your diagnosis is accurate and appropriate
  • Confirming that a recommended treatment is appropriate
  • Comparing outcomes of the treatments you’re offered

Dr. Majeed takes ample time to evaluate your medical history, current symptoms and conduct the appropriate research.

He discusses your health issues in detail in person or via telemedicine for your convenience. He can also refer you to the best local hospitals, clinics, or specialists, when necessary.

A medical second opinion can have a critical influence on your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. If you’d like a second opinion and top-notch care, schedule online or call Click2MD.