Medical Home Care Specialist


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Medical homecare is for patients who either cannot go to a physician’s office due to disability or it’s very difficult for families to bring them to the office. Homecare allows the patient and families to get involved in their healthcare treatment options. Homecare is getting more common due to the increasing geriatric (golden age) population. Call Click2MD in Williamsville, New York, today or book an appointment online to find out more about this service.

Medical Home Care

What is medical home care?

Medical home care is taking care of patient’s illnesses at home where they feel comfortable. It means keeping the family and patient aware of treatment options and prognosis. 

What will home care do for me?

Your physician or nurse will come to your home to evaluate you on a regular basis. If your illness or health has developed new issues, you will discuss with your physician and listen to the physician’s suggestions. 

Your physician or nurse will also talk to family members if permitted. Teleconference could also be done to further evaluate you. Your physician will make sure all medications are being taken properly (medicine reconciliation).

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