Mian Majeed, MD

Family Medicine Physician located in Williamsville, NY

About Dr. Majeed

Mian Majeed, MD, is a caring internal medicine physician who offers a wide range of valuable services, including telemedicine, weight management, preventive medicine, and patient education at Click2MD in Williamsville, New York. He also provides second opinions, sick care visits, chronic disease management, and home visits.

Dr. Majeed graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine degree from the King Edward Medical University in Pakistan in 1973. He moved to the United States and completed an OB/GYN internship at UMass Memorial Health Care, formerly Memorial Hospital, in Massachusetts, before finishing a pediatric residency at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Dr. Majeed has trained and practiced at various prestigious clinics and other health care facilities for more than four decades, including the Brooks Memorial Hospital and Medina Memorial Hospital in New York. 

Dr. Majeed is multilingual and fluent in English, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. He has extensive experience in emergency medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. New patients are welcome to visit Click2MD.